Teeth In A Day

Teeth in a day is a strategy of placing implants and restoring a fixed temporary arch of teeth the same day.

About Teeth In A Day

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This involves a long day of treatment of extractions, implant placement and conversion of a complete denture into a temporary arch of teeth whilst the implants settle into the bone.

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After three months these temporary arches are then removed and the final restoration is fabricated.


This is a method of giving patients the comfort ability of having a fixed set of teeth rather then going through the process of having immediate dentures which for a lot of patients is a huge struggle. 

These teeth are however, mainly cosmetic and you will need to be careful with these as the bone heals into the implants as they are not as strong as the final teeth. 

Quality Materials

We use the best quality materials and partners to ensure you have the highest quality results.

Patient Care

We provide the highest levels of care and ensure you are informed and comfortable throughout the whole process.

How long will my denture last?

We suggest your denture will require assessment and possible new dentures every 6-8 years depending on tooth wear, fit and aesthetics.

How long will the dentures take to make?

Generally dentures will take 4-6 weeks to complete however this will vary on each case depending on complexity and treatment required.

Will the dentures break?

All dentures have the possibility of breaking as do natural teeth. The restorations are made with the best possible materials to resist this as much as possible however breakages are still possible.

Will the dentures require impressions?

There is a possibility of scanning the mouth rather then taking traditional impressions, however, they may still require smaller impressions depending on the situation and the case.