Fixed Teeth

Fixed teeth are the apex of all implant retained restorations. These restorations are fixed permanently into the implants placed into the jaw bone and can not be removed unless a surgeon or clinician exposes the screw holes and removes them in surgery.

About Fixed Teeth

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Original Teeth

Fixed teeth are the closest replication a patient can have to getting their original teeth back. They are the most functional and closest replication we can possibly do.

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Fixed teeth. Can be made out of porcelain or acrylic depending on how many implants are placed and what kind of restoration is possible.


We have many different strategies and materials at our disposal so we can give the best possible result for our patients in most situations. 

Quality Materials

We use the best quality materials and partners to ensure you have the highest quality results.

Patient Care

We provide the highest levels of care and ensure you are informed and comfortable throughout the whole process.

How long will my denture last?

We suggest your denture will require assessment and possible new dentures every 6-8 years depending on tooth wear, fit and aesthetics.

How long will the dentures take to make?

Generally dentures will take 4-6 weeks to complete however this will vary on each case depending on complexity and treatment required.

Will the dentures break?

All dentures have the possibility of breaking as do natural teeth. The restorations are made with the best possible materials to resist this as much as possible however breakages are still possible.

Will the dentures require impressions?

There is a possibility of scanning the mouth rather then taking traditional impressions, however, they may still require smaller impressions depending on the situation and the case.