Chrome Dentures

Chrome dentures are minimal in size and shape but provide higher levels of stability and retention then traditional acrylic dentures. Designed correctly they are highly clensible and better for the oral hygiene of remaining teeth.

About Cobalt chromium based partial dentures

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Chrome dentures are retained by cast cobalt chromium clasps or gold clasps using the remaining teeth. These clasps will not damage the teeth when the denture is taken in and out.

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The dentures will be designed with a very specific path of insertion and withdrawal and as such the amount of “grip” required from the clasps will be minimal.

These clasps and some of the metal work may be slightly visible when you smile broadly. I do not feel that this will detract from your smile.


Patient Care

We provide the highest levels of care and ensure you are informed and comfortable throughout the whole process.


Some of the natural teeth may require a small amount of grinding, to allow the denture to fit optimally.  This does not damage the teeth.

Patients regularly ask how long their dentures and fillings will survive.  Unfortunately, this is impossible to predict.   As dentistry is not an exact science I cannot guarantee how long the work we provide will last.  It is very important to understand that I fabricate everything to the best possible standard we possibly can, using the highest quality materials and along with our expertise.  However, as with all things involving moving parts, things wear out, break, snap, crack etc. and will fail eventually.  I give a warranty on the work for 1 year once active treatment has finished, where problems occurring will be rectified free of charge.  I cannot predict how long the restorations we provide will last.  However, because everyone’s mouth is unique and some people are heavier than others on their teeth.  I cannot be absolutely definite about this.

I calculate the time and appointments required as precisely as possible.  However, owing to the nature of this type of dentistry additional visits may be required as necessary.  If this is the case you will not be charged for the extra visits.

Quality Materials

We use the best quality materials and partners to ensure you have the highest quality results.

How long will my denture last?

We suggest your denture will require assessment and possible new dentures every 6-8 years depending on tooth wear, fit and aesthetics.

How long will the dentures take to make?

Generally dentures will take 4-6 weeks to complete however this will vary on each case depending on complexity and treatment required.

Will the dentures break?

All dentures have the possibility of breaking as do natural teeth. The restorations are made with the best possible materials to resist this as much as possible however breakages are still possible.

Will the dentures require impressions?

There is a possibility of scanning the mouth rather then taking traditional impressions, however, they may still require smaller impressions depending on the situation and the case.